Dame Vivienne Westwood leaves you in wonder and awe with her Autumn Winter 2016/2017 collection dubbed “Anglomania”. The British founder of ‘punk’ still keeps us guessing even decades after her debut. She has no fear in taking her collections into the streets of England, urging you to release your inner punk kid all over again.

Frankly, it’s hard for me to get over her incredible history, but here I am, trying to look at this collection on its own. Anglomania is described as a collection that “harks back to simpler, more innocent times. Whilst retaining its youthful edginess, there is a softness created by romantic prints and muted colors.”

Another thing that I was quick to notice was the fact that some of the pieces worked on both the male and female models. Unisex pieces in punk inspired clothing are not that uncommon. We get a glimpse of this through side by side images of a female model donning a sweater, and a male model wearing the same item. To be honest, the sweater really could go either way in terms of belonging in a wardrobe. Later, you also noticed that originally the male model is wearing a fierce, voluminous leather jacket, that later a female model wears a different outfit.

I supposed there is something fun about seeing who wore what best. Possibly the star of the show has to be the set of sweet baby pink peep toe heels featured with some of the looks. If you can’t find anything in the line to be wearable enough for you, then surely the pair of heels could do it.

Looking for a slew of basics to mix with Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania collection? I could definitely see Anglomania working well with Study NY’s  latest collection.