To say I’d take Vejas over Yeezys any day of the week is a bold statement. But to be fair, I’d take a pair of Vejas over any other sneaker period. Since I discovered the brand, I no longer look at any other sneaker with love. 

Veja has certainly redefined sustainable sneaks. A term now totally legit, thanks to them. They do style justice with their designs,  minimalists at the core with max sleek appeal.

Granted I’m a sucker for sustainable (and ethical) production, Veja appeals to those who just want  the freshest sneaker out there. Ethical Sh-methical, they surpass what any other sneaker has to offer. With transparency through and through, they stand united in their front to change the way we view our shoes.  See when you find a brand that puts so much thought, effort and passion into their design, one takes notice.

To be frank, apparently I’m quite passé on the Veja bandwagon as this season marks 10 years for the brand. A label produced with dignity, check out more of my forever crush and their 10-year collection  here

‘We launched Veja 10 years ago. We built it piece by piece. We designed v-10 model to celebrate the VEJA anniversary. To celebrate a new chapter. To tell you that the path is more important than the destination…

The V-10 model made of ecological and sustainable materials stands for 10 years of love. The Veja’s V-10 model has been manufactured out of low-chrome leather, wild rubber from the Amazonian forest and organic cotton, all made in Brazil. Available online on our eshop.