There’s really no such thing as a sweater that you don’t need. Can we do without million dollar Cosby-looking duds, sure., but Maiami has made their mission in their Fall Winter 16/17 lookbook to give us pure sweater envy over their cozy designs.

When the streets get cold, that’s when all the layering wonders happen. The brand did a great job at sticking models in a nearly empty room by sunset covered windows, conveying perhaps a chilly winter afternoon that any of us could easily experience.


And what happens in moments like this? We  don’t crank up the heat but instead insist on crawling into our shaggiest, fuzziest, biggest sweater. Thankfully, it’s quite a current fashion statement to make as well. Designer Maike Dietrich has a keen eye for all things knit that leaves the Maiami customer craving more.

Is it me, or are you getting Blake LDN vibes from Maiami right now, as well?