“How we nourish ourselves in how we love ourselves,” says Ripe Nutrition founder Alexandra Baird. Baird, a certified Health and Wellness Coach, started the service out of a desire not only to educate, but to improve others’ lives. Baird, who has long been passionate about both cooking and nutrition, wanted to use her knowledge in a way that would help her clients build healthier futures.

For Baird, building that healthier future means putting herself in the middle of the action. Like many nutritionists, Baird offers pantry reviews and educational grocery tours for her clients. What distinguishes Ripe Nutrition from similar services, however, is Baird’s commitment to teaching her clients not only about nutrition, but how to utilize the knowledge she has given them. For two hours each week, Baird comes to the home of her client and shows them not only how to prepare meals, but teaches them how to cook them. In doing so, she is able to provide those clients with healthy eating skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Baird also emphasizes the importance of eating and living in a balanced manner, rather than following fad diets or trends. Individuals should first ask themselves what they both want and need out of their lifestyle, and then proceed to approach their nutrition, as well as their overall health, in a fashion that accords with those wants and those needs. In Baird’s eyes, eating well is synonymous with loving one’s self and listening to one’s body; in order for each of us to live our best lives, Baird says that we have to approach nutrition holistically and focus on these ideals before anything else.

Beyond loving ourselves, Baird wants us to love our environment. If one is able to, eating local and/or organic food not only benefits us and our personal nutrition, it can lower our carbon footprint, especially when it comes to eating local; buying food from nearby vendors means less fuel used, and thus less resources depleted and pollution created, in the transport of the goods. Additionally, Baird highlights the importance of reducing our individual plastic consumption, through simple everyday means such as bringing reusable bags to the grocery store or drinking from a reusable water bottle instead of a disposable one.

Follow Baird as she shows us how to nourish ourselves while satisfying our every craving.