In case you haven’t heard, Devlyn van Loon is a Toronto, Canada based emerging designer. For her Spring Summer 2017 collection, she’s fully evolved into a designer looking to take over the transitional wear arena. What exactly is that? Take a look at the collection, and each and every piece in it. Each design is meant to easily fit into any wardrobe, without causing the customer to need to buy other items to make a piece fit into their already full wardrobe.

Devlyn van Loon only creates items that “are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing wardrobe”. Not many sustainable designers have taken this route. Instead, there seems to be a growth of designers that have built up on their collections so that devotees have clean and distinct selections within their lines. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but it is a different way to go.


The team at Devlyn van Loon claims, “We believe that getting dressed should be an effortless and pleasurable experience. All of our pieces are made by hand with high-end construction techniques using ethical fabrics to ensure your pieces withstand the tests of time and wear. We aim for sustainability in our pattern cutting and development through waste reduction.”

The Spring Summer 2017 collection itself screams easy, breezy, and effortless. From a tent dress to an A-line cut top plus the black and white neutral color scheme: Devlyn van Loon has developed items that refuse to clash against any existing wardrobe items. With the use of modern silhouettes, these basics are perfect for almost any woman. You’ll want to take a relaxed fit top from the line and layer it over something else hanging in your closet. The collection–and the line– seems incredibly fit for various types of authentic women.

Any professional or creative woman could definitely take Devlyn van Loon’s pleated top and make it her own. Looking for more feminine basics? Isabell De Hillerin’s SS15 collection could be right up your alley.