Goldie conveys an understated cool approach towards sustainability, fashion, art, music, and culture. Founded in 2011, our new-age digital platform garners a fashion forward following who wants to look good, without the harmful accumulation of waste in the process. Simply put, our aim is to promote conscious clean living for a contemporary consumer.


A blend of new-school ambassadors, communicators, and connectors, Goldie explains how to expand your green footprint, through a fashion-forward lens. Innovatively, we strive to offer an elevated experience through, visual story- telling, collaborations, and creative brand management. Our goal is simple; initiate a dialogue towards sustainable fashion and push towards greener living.

Goldie offers emerging talents within the sustainable field an opportunity to engage with fans, and newcomers alike. We are the voice to help designers reach a broader audience through PR representation, specialized content creation, social media management, tradeshow representation, and event production. Overall we harness a multi-faceted approach to highlighting slow fashion for a global stage. We are proud to be leaders in this movement, and pleased to spread the word on conscious living through a lifestyle format.